Looking for an Atlanta doula to support you during pregnancy, labor and birth? Are you managing pregnancy complications or focused on staying low-risk? I might be a good fit for you.

Do I Need a High-Risk Doula in Atlanta?

If you have been told by your doctor that you are high-risk, have had previous pregnancy or birth complications, or are concerned about risk factors for any other reason, you may want a high-risk doula.

What does “high-risk doula” mean?

Fortunately, it doesn’t mean that I will do crazy things, run away, or put you in danger. 😉 What it does mean is that I have experience helping pregnant women make lifestyle changes that can lower risk, which gives you more options during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. While there are no guarantees, most of my Atlanta doula clients find they feel significantly better and have fewer or milder complications because of working with me.

Here are some of the high-risk pregnancies I have worked with successfully:

  • Bedrest for preventing preterm labor/birth,
  • Gestational Diabetes,
  • Pre-existing diabetes,
  • Previous preterm birth,
  • Twins.

What’s Included in my Atlanta Doula Services:

Just the facts – here is what is Melinda & an Atlanta doula client at their birthincluded in my Atlanta doula package.

  • Initial 1-hour (or longer) consultation in-person or by phone/Skype to explore your wants, needs and desires for this pregnancy, and any existing health concerns.
  • Tailored lifestyle (nutrition, exercise, and relaxation) recommendations for you to discuss with your doctor or midwife.
  • Beta copies of my complete Pocket Pregnancy Health System, a series of booklets for healthy pregnancy.
  • Weekly diet/lifestyle tracker evaluation.
  • Twice a month phone/chat/Skype check-in (15-30 min) to review your tracker, make additional recommendations to discuss with your midwife or OB if needed, check in on your emotional state, and answer any questions you may have. This changes to weekly at 34 weeks if you want.
  • Email/text questions as needed, including 24-hour access if urgent.
  • 90 minute “practice session” with me and your labor partner to review positions, basic comfort techniques, your preferences, and how we will work together. We will also review your birth plan/wishes if we have not already done so.
  • Phone/text contact as needed during early labor.
  • Coming to you when needed during labor. In some cases, This may include coming to your home during early labor.
  • Consistent doula (labor) support at your birth place for up to 24 hours.* Why “consistent” instead of “constant?” Sometimes I may need to visit the restroom, take a nap, or leave your side for a few minutes for another reason. I will always ensure that you have support and are fine with me stepping away for a few minutes before doing so.
    *Additional fees may be necessary for consistent labor support lasting more than 24 hours.
  • Remaining with you for at least 1 hour and up to 2 hours after your birth to ensure that you are settled in, breastfeeding (if desired), and (usually) moved to your recovery location.
  • Phone/Skype check-in 3-6 days after your birth (usually 24-48 hours after you arrive home).
  • 1 hour postpartum visit at your home 2-3 weeks after your birth.


All-Inclusive Rate:   $1,200

Credit card and payment plans available.

But I’m already close to my due date!

Sometimes parents don’t find the right doula (or know to look for a doula!) until close to their due date. That’s ok! Since you don’t have as much time to benefit from my extended pregnancy health coaching (and we would chat fewer times), I have a reduced package for those late in pregnancy. It includes everything listed above, but for the shorter timeframe of the last 5 weeks before your due date (and however far after that you go).

35 weeks or later:     $850

Credit card and payment plans available.

More questions? See the FAQ below.

Interested? Let’s talk.

Call 678-439-9695 or request an interview here. We will first chat for a few minutes by phone or video chat. Then, if it seems like I might be a good doula for you, we can set up a free, no-obligation get-to-know-you meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions- Atlanta Labor Doula

What areas of Atlanta do you service?

Most of the families I work with are in the northern suburbs of Atlanta – Alpharetta, Marietta, Norcross, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Woodstock, and nearby areas. I take some clients in Atlanta (north of I-20), Buckhead, Duluth, Dunwoody, Brookhaven and Vinings.

Which Atlanta hospitals do you doula at?

Atlanta hospitals where I currently provide labor doula services:

  • Atlanta Birth Center,
  • Atlanta Medical Center,
  • Emory Johns Creek,
  • Emory Midtown,
  • North Fulton,
  • Northside Hospital,
  • Northside Cherokee,
  • Northside Forsyth,
  • Piedmont Hospital,
  • WellStar Kennestone

I used to go all over Atlanta, but with the increase in both the number of Atlanta doulas and the amount of traffic, I feel more comfortable staying north of I-20. This keeps me within what is usually less than an hour drive of my house, even during rush hour.

Want to see if we might be a good fit? Call 678-439-9695 or request an interview here.