Free Webinar: Becoming an Emotionally Resilient Parent

12 ways you can start the journey to greater calm and joy

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Parenting doesn’t have to feel like a never-ending struggle. So many of us feel overwhelm, depression, anxiety, or just want to throw in the towel completely. Though modern society is not set up for supporting parents, there *are* things we can do to relieve some of that stress by giving ourselves – body and mind/emotions – a little more of what we need.

In this free webinar, Melinda Delisle, MS, LCCE will share 12 factors – 6 biochemical/physical and 6 mental/emotional – that contribute to lower emotional resilience and greater reactivity.  Uncovering these factors came from a combination of research, her own journey from depression, anxiety, and constant self-criticism to much greater calm and self-acceptance, and working with clients. A research nerd at heart, Melinda tested dozens of different techniques and researched endlessly to curate a short list of the most important areas of emotional, physical, and nutritional support that has been the most helpful to her and her clients.
Many factors play keys role in our resilience to stress. Meeting those needs CAN help us make lasting shifts in how we feel, and start to bring back some of our ability to enjoy life.

About the Presenter

Melinda Delisle is an empathetic nutritionist and solutions architect for parents of all stages (including self-parenting!) who want to cultivate more confidence, energy, & joy.

Through her group programs and 1-1 nutrition consulting, she’s here to guide you on your path to greater health and self-love – while making it feel like getting reacquainted with a long-lost friend. 

Melinda combines her insatiable desire to learn with elements of her own journey improving the health of her family and nurturing herself through mental health challenges to create a supportive and effective environment for change.

Additionally, Melinda is a dynamic speaker and a successful entrepreneur who helped grow one of Atlanta’s best team building companies from the ground up.

When not supporting clients or innovating systems, she enjoys binge-watching PubMed (#researchhound), working on self-development, and exploring our amazing world and the people in it.


Each session will be recorded and sent out after the live event, so you don’t need to worry if you can’t make it or get interrupted. Try to attend live if you can – you will have an opportunity to interact and ask questions that you can’t do with a recording.

The information and techniques we will be discussing can be helpful for anyone. I will mostly mention specific ways parents may be experiencing challenges or see benefits, but you will also learn helpful information. Anyone is welcome to attend!

Yes! This presentation is open to anyone who wants to develop greater emotional resilience.

Definitely! As long as they register, anyone can attend the presentation.

Webinar Disclaimer

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